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We Have Been Too Content.

It’s anger time now.

Sorry for the hiatus, we’re back and angrier than ever.

Yellow Fever.

Sometimes I feel bad and shameful that I use this to my advantage. I’m a stereotypical asian girl who like white guys. It’s not even a matter of race, but still why is my preference as such? And why are some guys preferences are asian girls?

If love is truly blind, then how come I’ve never fallen in love with an asian guy before?

There is no such thing as an “Asian [insert body/facial stereotype]”

It’s a freakin huge ass continent. Yes genetically there are similarities, but for fuck sake’s stop telling me I don’t have fucking Asian hair.

FLUORESCENT ADOLESCENT: BLOGGING via TYPEWRITER.: Adjectival phrases I've decided to hate, Vol. 1:


I’ve been complaining about this shit for yeaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaars. You’re going to get tired getting pissed off all the time.

(Also, there are really at least eight major different cuisines in traditional Chinese, so we could go on ad nauseum. Have y’all never watched Iron…

brothas know what they be talking about.

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Say Ahh (Remix) - J.R.A. / D-Pryde / Lil Crazed / J.Reyez / Traphik


I’m tired of people dating me because of my race. But maybe my personality alone just isn’t great enough to win people over anymore. That is all.


nicholas saputra.

nicholas saputra.


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